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In my own practise I love to incorporate gemstones wherever possible and I find chips or mini tumble stones to be the most practical and economical way to add them the hoodoo jars, charm bags and plate dressings for candle magic. Sold individually or as a set of nine, each bag contains approximately 100 grams. Clear quartz - the great universal crystal, can be used for almost any intention and it is a very powerful amplifier for other ingredients. It’s particularly useful in works stimulating the intuition and second sight, for cleansing and supporting good health and for protection spells, especially those petitioning the lunar goddesses. Amethyst - use for dream work, combating addiction, protection (particularly when travelling), Amethyst is a calming stone and is great for meditative works and for keeping a clear mind focussed on life goals. Can be added to spells that encourage commitment between lovers and for justice in legal matters. Carnelian - a stone of peace and harmony that emboldens self confidence and counteracts doubt and insecurity and so is well suited to spells involving dispelling negative emotions like greed, anger and jealously. Aventurine (green) - the all-round stone of luck, perfect for money-drawing and fast luck spells but also useful for work involving increasing perception and stimulating creativity. Is known for speeding up healing so it can also be used for opening emotional or physical blockages. Onyx - use to increase wisdom and insight and for soothing grief. Can be used in spells of persuasion and dominance and is protective against adversaries in all types of conflicts. Yellow Jasper - a wonderfully positive and joyful gemstone, use for clearing negativity and promoting happiness and reducing stress. Essential for astral work as it helps to tether the traveller to the tangible realm. Red Jasper - for spells promoting health and healing and also for glamor work. A really good stone for defensive magic, banishing work and removing hexes as it is sends negativity back to it’s source. Rose Quartz - the stone of love, use for spells and rituals that involve love both romantic and platonic. It is especially appropriate for encouraging self-love and opening the blockages to receiving love from others. Tree Agate - another great lucky stone, tree agate should be used in any work that seeks to encourage growth and abundance. Can be used as a road opener and for fertility spells and to strengthen the bonds between family or friends. For getting to the root of a problem so that solutions can be found use tree agate. Seashells - long associated with sea deities and the moon, used to represent the element of water. For drawing spells of love, money and protection. Citrine - known as the Merchant's Stone as it is so good for anything business related including success, money drawing, enhancing charisma and building/strengthening professional connections. Pyrite - An essential ingredient for good fortune magick, for money, business, games of chance and overall luck drawing. Unakite - use for spells to cleanse and unblock emotional matters, love drawing work both for self and for attracting others (platonic and romantic). Draws compassion and gentleness and opens up the heart.