Cast Brass Familiars (Necklaces)

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The history of witchcraft is rife with stories about the relationship between the witch and the animal kingdom. Certain animals in particular have been associated with cunning folk for thousands of years and all across the globe. Cast brass toad necklace - Toads feature heavily in the wayside witchcraft of the West Country of England, as familiars they were highly prized and often lived in the home with the witch. Those practitioners that used toads in their cures and curses were known as Toad Witches. With an 18" chain. Cast brass hare necklace - In the West Country of England some witches were believed to be able to transform or 'skin turn' into wild hares... one such witch was well known to disrupt the local hunt by leading them on long and fruitless searches. In other stories the nature of the relationship between the witch and the hare are not so clear cut, whether the animal acts as a familiar or is the result of shape shifting. With a 16" chain. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT Cast brass owl necklace - In the myths and lore of the West Country, the owl is a messenger from the Underworld, and a symbol of death, initiation, dark wisdom. She is a companion to hedge-witches, sorcerers, and the Triple Goddess in her crone aspect. The owl is also associated with Athena.