Oracle and Fortune Cards/Wahrsagenkarten

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Card decks that can be used as fortune telling devices or for directing intention and ritual work. Kraft der Magie cards... these are in German only. Each card has a fortune or esoteric quote and a corresponding sigil and can be used ritualistically or for guiding intention and meditation. 40 cards, 11 x 9 cm. Kipper Fortune Telling cards... dating from 1873 the 36 cards of the Kipper deck contain images of people or events that the user can interpret to build a reading. In standard playing card size. Red Lenormand Oracle cards... named after the famous fortune teller Mademoiselle Lenormand (1772-1843) the cards provide information about events in the past, present and future as well as offering advice. These cards have more complex information than the Kipper cards. German language only. In standard playing card size. All packs come with instruction booklets in German.