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Tarot of the Witches by Fergus Hall. My personal go-to deck. The design is glorious mid century kitsch, film lovers will recognise it as the deck used by Jane Seymore in Live and Let Die and in the X-Files. Full size cards 11x7cm. Also available is a user guidebook with correspondences and instructions in German. Mini Visconti... Possibly the oldest tarot deck design (dated from around the 15th century), this mini version of the Visconti Tarot fits perfectly in the hand and is a great travel size. The glorious medieval imagery makes this pack an sumptuous and evocative tool for readers. Cards are 44mm by 80 mm. Instructions in German and English. Mini Marseilles... a pocket sized tarot deck rooted in the classic Marseilles model from the 17th century. I love these traditional designs and the small size makes it very manageable. Instructions in German.