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Paraffin wax pillar candles decorated with a selection of major Arcana tarot, I love the modern, monochrome style of these designs and the candles can be used as purely decorative objects or for rituals where you want to call upon and utilise the power and symbolism of the particular card. Major Arcana meanings: 0 The Fool : For new beginnings esp. where you are looking for spontaneity, youthful exuberance. To reawaken your free spirit. 1 The Magician : For manifesting goals, for situations where resourcefulness and inspired action is called for. Personal power spell work. 2 The High Priestess : Any work dealing with the divine feminine, spells seeking to increase or make use of intuition and the subconscious. 3 The Empress : Fertility spells and other abundance work, rituals for self love and nurturing of oneself as well as others. 4 The Emperor : Spells for gaining influence with authority or establishment figures, for promoting stability and structure and for calming the emotions so that a situation can be viewed clearly and pragmatically. For protection rituals of all kinds. 5 The Hierophant : For increasing spiritual wisdom and seeking guidance. For rituals that concerns traditional institutions like the family, education, or the medical profession. 6 The Lovers : Any spells dealing with love and lust. 7 The Chariot : For success and overcoming obstacles, rituals for self discipline and determination, motivating action and maintaining focus. 8 Strength : Spells for inner strength, confidence and overcoming self doubt, also rituals seeking to gain influence over another but with compassion, encouragement and persuasion rather than brute force. 9 The Hermit : For spiritual enlightenment, self reflection and inner guidance. 10 Wheel of Fortune : For spells to bring good luck and synchronicity, for rituals calling on fate, or for work to bring about big changes in your life. 11 Justice : For any spells involving the justice system and the law or where a karmic justice is being sought. 12 The Hanged Man : For rituals of letting go and/or surrender to new perspectives. 13 Death : For spells and rituals of rebirth and renewal, for the ending of things and facilitating change and transformation. 14 Temperance : For use in rituals for balance, patience and moderation and for bringing harmony and tranquility into a situation. 15 The Devil : For shadow work, spells concerning addiction and also raw sexuality. 16 The (Lightning Struck) Tower : For spells involving sudden change or loss. Awakenings. Break Up spells. 17 The Star : For hope, faith and positivity and any spells concerning creativity and inspiration. 18 The Moon : For dream and intuition (subconscious) work. 19 The Sun : For positivity and happiness spells, self confidence, self expression, good luck and fertility work. 20 Judgement : For spells seeking favourable court or legal decisions or for making the right karmic decisions. Reuniting with loved ones. Forgiveness work, especially with ancestors or family members and loved ones. 21 The World : For success and goal attainment, spells seeking to bring about the completion of something. For rituals of self fulfilment and integration. Any spells relating to travel.