Witch Vial Pendulums.

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Glass vial pendulums filled with gemstones or herbs, with waxed cotton hanging cord. Choose from: Yarrow - I've seen this plentiful and very useful plant described as a good, long time friend and it has a long history of being used to protect against negativity like a shield. It has been especially valued when delving into the spiritual world, helping to heighten powers of divination and psychic vision and assisting clarity of vision. Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris, one of the most useful and popular of herbs in the witches cupboard. Mugwort is the sister of Wormwood, protective and healing it has also been used extensively for increasing clairvoyance and aiding divination. Wormwood - Artemisia Absinthium, The Witches Plant, has been used for millennia as an aid to divination particularly when calling on the spirit realm and has been specifically associated with pendulum work (traditionally the cleanse pendulums before divination). Graveyard dirt and small mammal bones - from prehistoric times through ancient Chinese to the modern day Osteomancy has utilised bones from animals to guide divination and psychic sight, these small mammal bones have been collected from nature and cleaned prior to being used. The dirt comes from the grounds of the 19th century Alma Vale Cemetery in Bristol, south west England. Moonstone - A mysterious stone, the moonstone has been used for centuries by cunning folk to represent the divine feminine and the intuitive energy of the moon. It is a calming stone that aids inner reflection and is a popular choice for divination tools. Amethyst - has been connected with and used in Magick for at least 2,000 years, it can be used to sharpen and heighten intuition making it a perfect aid for divination. Clear quartz - rock quartz has been revered in almost every culture as a highly sacred and magical stone. It can focus, amplify and transform energy, opening the mind and the heart to higher guidance and clarity of thought which makes it a great choice for pendulums. Onyx - a gemstone that can absorb negative energy, it's protective and grounding and is a particularly good choice for your pendulum if the answers and guidance you seek concern stressful and emotional themes. Unakite - a stone often used for it's divinatory properties, an amalgamation of Red Jasper, pink Feldspar and green Epidote, Unakite promotes visualisation and so works well to encourage intuitive readings. Tiger's Eye - a great stone for clarity of inner vision and understanding, the Marra Mamba Tiger Eye from the Mt. Brockman mine in Australia is used by female shamans to provide powers of the “far-seeing eye". Shells - sea shells have been sued across the centuries and throughout the world as divinatory aids, they are thought to carry the knowledge and spiritual energy of the ocean and can provide guidance on the past, present and future . Labradorite