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Witch oils or conjure oils are a very useful addition to the witch's cupboard. They can be used to anoint the body, altar tools, candles and many other items used in spell working. Each of these oils has been handcrafted by myself using a combination of traditional recipes and the experience and knowledge I've gained over almost 30 years of practicing the craft. Where possible I use fresh plants, roots and resins as well as adding essential oils for extra punch. Mother jars are made with the oil recipes and appropriate gemstones or symbolic items such as keys and coins steeping for a minimum of 1 lunar month.

Come To Me Oil... a classic and very popular blend of rose, jasmin, patchouli, citrus oils and cinnamon with a base oil of avocado. This oil is very floral and works excellently as a personal fragrance either for the skin or rubbed into the hair. The oil has been formulated and activated for workings related to romantic love (in general or targetted), for lust and even for self-love rituals. A great all-round love oil. Each 10ml bottle also contains real rose buds.

Prosperity Oil... another classic that is formulated for general, long term prosperity workings. Use this oil for increasing wealth, for growing a business or venture and for general abundance. Includes coffee beans, cinnamon, basil, bay and cloves in a base of almond oil. With a chunk of pyrite in the bottle.

Fast Cash Oil... for when you need money fast. This oil is specifically for spells and rootwork that focus on bringing in a sum of money quickly, it's not recommended for long term prosperity and should be used not so often. Contains many of the same ingredients as Prosperity Oil but with a few additions to give it that extra kick. Each 10ml bottle also contains a few shards of cinnamon bark.

Bend Over Oil... to persuade and command, this oil is great for when you need a helping hand in the persuasion department. It's especially formulated to help open up the channels of communication so that your arguments are heard as well as giving a target a gentle shove in the direction of your wishes. This can be used when you want to gain the upper hand with someone or as a general aid for situations like job interviews or work/school presentations. Contains liquorice, calamus and orris roots, Frankincense, Angelica and a base of sunflower oil.

Road Opener Oil... probably my favourite of the witch oils and certainly the one that I use the most. This wonderful oil works to open the way to your goals, it works great for so many different intentions... job workings, love workings, business and prosperity workings, any work where it's useful to clear the way of obstacles and open up the flow of opportunities. Contains Abre Camino, Five Finger Grass, lemon, camphor, crossroads dirt, vetivert and a base of almond oil.


All oils are for external use only, skin tests are recommended if you are going to anoint your body with them.